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Music Instructor: John Basa

  • Drums

Music Instructor, Drum Teacher John Basa


John Basa has been playing drums for 46 years in Combos, Jazz & Rock Bands, Marching bands and Orchestras. John studied with Tony Monforte Modern School of Drumming in Binghamton, NY(1966-70), Len Cary in the Castlemen Drum & Bugle Corps (1967 -68), Chief Bonafonte @ the Army Element, Naval School of Music (1973). He played percussion in the musical "1776" with the Baumholder Theater Group - Bad Kruznach, Germany, Jesus Christ, Superstar with The Monterey Theater Group, The King and I with CATS. He also plays percussion in The Nevada County Concert Band, The Sierra Master Chorale Orchestra and can be seen behind the set in the smooth Jazz/Light Rock group CoolHeat.

When not playing, John can be found teaching the next generation of drummers in his own Drum Studio in the Soundcheck Music Center and in The Lyman Gilmore Middle School Bomber Band.


  • Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone: 530-271-0992 

Music Instructor: Jay Lacy

  • Guitar – Learn how to play guitar from a pro!

Music Instructor, Guitar Teacher Jay LacyBio

Jay has taught hundreds of people over the past 40 years how to play the guitar. He also has written 12 guitar instruction books that teaches beginners to advanced students of all ages how to play the guitar.

Jay was teaching guitar lessons in Las Vegas to over 50 students a week for the past 7 years before he made his move to Grass Valley in September of 2008. Some of the styles of guitar that he is teaching is Rock, Jazz, Fingerpicking, Basic Chord Playing, and Country.


These are just a sample of the artists that Jay Lacy has played with and/or recorded with over his career:

Jay Lacy - Guitar Insructor

Music Instructor: Rose-May Michelson

  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Viola

Music Instructor, Piano, Violin, Viola Teacher Rose-May Michelson



I received my musical education at the Conservatoire de Lausanne, in Switzerland and have a teaching degree from that country.
I’ve been a resident of Nevada County with my husband and two sons, since 1984. I started teaching about 17 years ago.

Besides teaching, I have been playing with the Music in the Mountains Festival Orchestra since 1990. I play with the Twin Cities Concert Association, Auburn Symphony.

I am part of the Classic Strings Quartet (which plays for wedding, receptions, etc.) and play chamber music with different groups.

Music Instructor: Marc Nelson

  • Drums

instructor Marc-Nelson


I began playing drums at age 14, and quickly realized my place in life - drumming!

The first real band I was in, The Heros - popular for a few years in Sacramento, opened for quite a few major acts. After a brief musical break I began my new focus, Praise Worship. I have served in this capacity for ten years, playing many churches and praise shows throughout our area.


I have been teaching drums for a few years now. My methods are educational and FUN!!


Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Music Instructor: Kenny Steel

  • Rock & Roll Piano Lessons
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Bass Lessons
  • Vocal Lessons

Music Instructor, Guitar Teacher Bass and Vocal Lessons Kenny Steel


Kenny has taught off and on for many years with the concept of 'Teaching the Student to Learn How to Teach Themselves.

"Music Theory isn't as difficult when presented in a language that the average person can understand. I hated the College text books.  It seemed the authors were more concerned about coming across as intellectuals rather than getting to the point; the books were hard to read."

The Series Kenny presents is geared toward making music more accessible to the player and singer without all of the 'gooblah' (new word?) of difficult reading.

So, without a big bang... here's to the hope of a long relationship with you and I hope that my years of experience will help you attain whatever level of musicianship you desire.

Always remember:
  • Music is an outlet of emotion; Always play what you feel.
  • Music is a source to the inner Soul; Always play from your Soul.
  • It's not what you play... but how you play it... (another Soul reference)

Feel free to check the links to Kenny's site. There are great learning sites and links to the latest music with which Kenny is involved.

And don't be a stranger.  If you have a question about Kenny's lessons please feel free to contact SoundCheck Music Center to get in touch with Kenny ... or visit Kenny's website: You can also check out Kenny's new music at

Music Instructor: Raphael Torres

  • Guitar

Music Instructor, Guitar Teacher Raphael Torres


I bring 14 years of guitar study to a skills coaching regiment that focuses thoroughly on expanding what you are capable of achieving on the guitar. I believe that the more diverse your playing is, the larger your audience will be. Through technical skill development, music appreciation, and basic music and scale theory you will see your horizons broaden.

I have changed directions in my playing many times and often wished that I had spent more time developing playing styles and techniques that at that time seemed out of context. I have had great fun and seen a huge amount of satisfaction in both myself and my students through the services that I offer. Playing your instrument is supposed to be fun and is supposed to be something that brings you and the people around you happiness.

I have students of all ages and happily accept open minded individuals with specific goals in mind as well as first time students that want a very hands on approach to mastering their instrument. Tell me what YOU want to learn, keep an open mind and watch as you surprise yourself with what you can accomplish!

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