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Guitar Repair Services, Grass Valley, Nevada City, Auburn, California

Instrument Repair Services

scmc store-02aV_guitarWhisperer
Bill Lapham
Owner, SoundCheck Music Center

SoundCheck Music Center is the preferred shop in Grass Valley, Nevada City, Auburn and Colfax for musical instrument repairs!

Guitar Repair Services, Grass Valley, Nevada City, Auburn

Common repair services include Guitars, Basses, Mandolins, Ukuleles, Various other Stringed Insturments, Keyboards, Drums, Drum Hardware, Tube Amplifiers and Solid State Amps too.  In the past few years SoundCheck's Repair Shop has grown to include those tough repair jobs on Effects Pedals, Stomp Boxes, Microphones, Mixing Boards, Recording Equipment, Power Amps, Home Stereo Systems and even Broken Hearts. Yeah, you heard me, broken hearts. We're just that good.

Bass Repair Services, Grass Valley, Nevada City, Auburn CaliforniaRepairing underachieving instruments and amplifiers – whether it's a tired 1962 fiesta red Fender Stratocaster or an old tube amp that has seen better days, Bill Lapham and his crew of instrument repair tech's, love returning musical instruments to their former glory, and much like a common kitchen clenser, he hasn't scratched yet.  Not only that but Bill is also a cheap date! Pricing for repair services are so low we are not allowed to post them here.  Either that or we're too lazy,  Either way, please contact the shop for pricing!

If you have something that just isn't working, give the Bill a call and he'll have it making music again in no time: (530) 272-7236

Instrument Repair Services Include:

Basic Guitar Setups

For getting your guitar back on track
(applies to most stringed instruments)

  • Neck adjustments
  • Temolo setup and adjustments
  • Intonation
  • Electrical and wiring repairs
  • Pickup repair and replacment
  • New strings
    • String recommendations based on your style of play
  • Major and minor miracles as needed

Keyboard & Drum Repair

  • Key repairs on action and weighted keys
  • Electronic repairs
  • Drum and drum hardware repairs
  • Head replacements, lug replacements and tuning
  • Percussion instrument repairs
  • Professional Cleaning

Guitar Repair Services

  • Pickup repair or replacement
  • Bridge repairs 
  • Cracked heads and necks
  • Custom body work
  • Pickup guard replacements
  • New Electronics
  • Volume and tone potentiometers (pots)
  • 3-way & 5-way switches
  • Tremolo adjustments
  • Lowering action on acoustic guitars
  • Floating frets
  • Professional Cleaning

Recording and Stage Gear

  • Mixing boards
  • Microphones
  • Cables
  • Power amps
  • Home stereo gear
  • Stands of all kinds

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